About Me and my inner Diva

IMG_1339  Yup, that’s me, Lesley Baird, the cooking, musical mind behind Just a Dash of Diva.   Don’t let this picture scare you, I’m just channeling a fellow diva, Rosie the Riveter, as I get ready to go on stage and perform.

 My Dad always says that not a day goes by that I don’t wake up singing, and he is absolutely right.  Music is my life and I have been singing and performing since I was a little girl. I started taking voice lessons when I was 15 and haven’t stopped since. I recently graduated from The Catholic University of America with a degree in Vocal Performance/ Opera Studies and will be going off to grad-school next fall to continue my journey to a musical career  in opera one day.

Throughout my young performance career I have had the privilege to play many  different roles, and all of them have called for just a dash of diva to make a story and character really come to life. I love being on stage, looking out into the bright lights and becoming someone else for an hour or two. I have had the privilege to perform on many different stages over the years, but there is one arena I love performing in the most… my kitchen. 

It was Shakespeare that said, ” All the word’s a stage”, and I couldn’t agree more. The kitchen is my stage and cooking up a meal is a show all on its own, that I love to perform. In fact, my mother often catches me talking to myself in the kitchen. She says, ” Lesley, who are you talking to you in there?” With cheeks blushed from embarrassment, I answer, ” the audience of my cooking show of course”. Hey, a Diva’s got to practice right? 

le nozze

Just like singing I have also been cooking since I was a kid. While other kids were glued to cartoons or their video games, I was watching The Food Network non stop. I was testing out recipes, and learning classical Italian arias and listening to Mozart.

Like so many recent college grads my age, I am going through the “what to do with my life” phase and it has always been important to me to do what I love and be happy doing it. So I thought to myself, “How can I combine cooking and music?” Then it hit me! I will let music be the inspiration behind my cooking creations!

 My mission is to create meals, desserts, and culinary experiences all inspired by the world of music. Whether is be a specific piece of music, a certain musician, operas, musicals, jazz,  and famous Divas & Divos (of course)… you name it and I will be inspired by it.

 IMG_0314Shakespeare also wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on.” Play on I will because this diva is hungry. And remember to always add Just a Dash of Diva to everything you do, whether it be under the bright lights on stage, or over a hot stove in the kitchen.

If you would like to contact me you can email me at: lesleybbaird@gmail.com 

Here are some clips of me performing and a couple of tracks from my CD. Feel free to listen to them and enjoy!




This video doesn’t exist

01 Fait-tes Lui

02 Beau Soir02

Cruda sorte! Gia so per pratica

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