Raspberry Marshmallow Bunnies for my ” Easter Parade”

Want a fun and creative project  to do with the kids this Easter? Try making your own Easter Peeps. These cute bunny marshmallows will have people thinking your the Easter Bunny himself.

IMG_2165As some of you know I did a Marshmallow blog back in December inspired by Bing Crosby and his version of “White Christmas”. Well, it so happens that these Easter Bunny Peeps come from that same recipe with a few added  Easter touches. Not only is the recipe the same, but the musical inspiration is too. I am talking about my man Irving Berlin. A famous American composer and lyricist in the early 1900s. irving-berlinHe composed over 1500 songs in his life time. His most popular and well know songs include: White Christmas, God Bless America, There’s no Business like Show Business, Blue Skies, and Easter Parade( which is the song that inspired these Easter Bunny Peeps). Irving Berlin composed the song “Easter Parade” in 1917 under the title “Smile and Show Your Dimple.” The song flopped, but he filed away the melody for later use, and boy was it used. In 1933 the song was published and was first introduced by Marilyn Miller  and Clifton Web in the Broadway musical revue As Thousands Cheer in 1933.  “Easter Parade” really became popularized when Bing Crosby sung the song in the 1942 film The Holiday Inn, which was later revised in 1948 by Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.

Below is a link to youtube to view a clip from the 1942 film The Holiday Inn. This clip features Bing Crosby singing Irving Berlin’s “Easter Parade”


“Easter Parade” is considered to be one of the most popular Easter songs next to “Here comes Peter Cotton Tail”. If you would like to learn more about Irving Berlin click on the following linkIrving Berlin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I hope you enjoyed learning about one of the greatest song writters of all time Mr. Irving Berlin.   We talked about him in my History of American Jazz class last week. The teacher played ” Easter Parade” for us, and when I heard it I just knew I had to do a fun Easter themed treat for the blog. So with out any further a due I give to you my “Easter Parade” Peeps. 

Raspberry Marshmallow Peeps


3 tbs raspberry or strawberry jam

red food coloring

fun colored sugar for coating the marshmallows( i used red, blue, and yellow)

1-2 ounces melted  chocolate chips


fun easter shaped cookie cutters( I made bunnies and eggs, you can make anything you want, that’s half the fun)


I am warning you now this is a little bit of a sticky project, but its worth it. It is a great Easter project to do with the kids besides dying those eggs every year.

 First thing you need to do is make a batch of marshmallow fluff.  Click on the following link for the recipe: I’m dreaming of a Marsh-Mellow ChristmasIMG_1684

When the marshmallow fluff is almost done whipping, add in 3 tbs of raspberry jam and enough red food coloring to make the marshmallows a nice pastel pink for Easter( about 6 drops). 

Keep following the directions until you reach the part where is says to dust the top of the marshmallows with powder sugar. Instead you are going to cover to top of the marshmallow fluff with the colored sugar. Now I will clue you in on a money saving tip… Make your own colored sugar! It is so easy do to. All it is, is sugar and food coloring. Fill 3 zip lock bags with a 1 c of sugar. Add enough drops of food coloring to the sugar( pick any color you want, be creative. Channel your inner Easter Bunny). Then shake up the bag until the sugar is the color you want. 


Leave the marshmallow fluff  uncovered to set over night . The next day, cut the marshmallows out with your cookie cutters and sprinkle the sides of the marshmallows with colored sugar so they don’t stick to one another. 

Since I made bunnies, I decided to make little faces on them using melted chocolate and a tooth pick. I will admit that part was a little tedious so it is totally up to you whether you do it or not. I do think it gives the homemade peeps Just a Dash of Diva, which is what this blog is all about, I’m I right?



Package  these adorable peeps in clear plastic goodie bags( I buy mine at Party City or sometimes even the Dollar Store) with  Easter Grass and tie them up with festive ribbon. These tasty Raspberry Bunny Peeps will have your family thinking  you are the Easter Bunny himself. Who knows, you may even out shine that big old ball of fur this year, because  your Easter baskets will have,  Just a Dash of Diva .


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