Here it is…Ned Rorem’s “Early in the Morning” Breakfast Menu

They always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I couldn’t agree more. If I don’t get my breakfast in the morning I turn into a very cranky, grumpy diva. Trust me you don’t want a cranky diva. This breakfast menu was inspired by the American composer Ned Rorem and his beautiful art song, “Early in the Morning”.

03 Early in the Morning

The song is full of beautiful poetry and word painting that will transport you to a french bistro in Paris. It will make you reminisce of your youth and your first love. This song is very close to my heart because it was my father’s favorite song. My father recently passed away due to pancreatic cancer. He loved when I sang this song,. He loved music and was always so supportive of my dreams of becoming an opera singer. He was my biggest fan and he was always my taste tester in the kitchen.  I dedicate this post to my father and to all those who have lost loved ones to cancer.  May this song bring you as much joy and comfort as it brought my father.

This  picture of my father and I was taken after my performance as Diana in the opera “Trouble in Tahiti” by Leonard Bernstein

dad and me


Before we start our “Early in the Morning” breakfast, let me tell why I chose these particular recipes to share with you. Not only is the melody of Ned Rorem’s art song beautiful, it is the lyrics that are the true inspiration behind these breakfast recipes. When ever I sing this song, I picture myself in Paris which is the reasoning behind the Quiche recipe. The image of  breakfasting on croissant and cafe au lait  an outdoor cafe  really spoke to me. It paints such a nice picture in my mind and also makes me want a croissant really bad. I thought to myself , “what goes best with croissants?” Homemade Jam!   (Below are the lyrics, I hope you can be as inspired by them as I am.)

Early in the Morning 

by: Ned Rorem

Early in the morning 
On a lovely summer day 
As they lowered the bright awning 
At the outdoor cafe 
I was breakfasting on croissants and cafe au lait 
Under greenery like scenery, 
Rue Francois Premier 

They were hosing the hot pavement 
With a dash of flashing spray 
And a smell of summer showers 
When the dust is drenched away 
Under greenery like scenery, 
Rue Francois Premier 

I was twenty and a lover 
And in paradise to stay 
Very early in the morning 
Of a lovely summer day.


 Now that I have taken care of that on to the food. One of my favorite things to make for breakfast  is Quiche. Quiche is such a good hearty breakfast and best of all, it is easy to make, very versatile, and makes you look at a breakfast star. My Zucchini & Roasted Red Pepper  Quiche with Thyme Crust will fill you up and make you ready to take on the day.


If that doesn’t do the trick try this homemade Strawberry Jam recipe. Making homemade jam may sound hard but it couldn’t be easier. I first tried this recipe after I saw it on my favorite cooking show ” The Barefoot Contessa”, and boy did Ina deliver. This jam is delicious and a perfect spread on hot toasty croissant. This Strawberry Jam will have you waking up ” Early in the Morning” every morning.

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