Coming Soon for February…. The Elixir of Love and foods to help you get in the Mood for V-Day

So let me start off by saying I am so sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately. To tell you the truth I’ve been so busy thinking up ideas and recipes to share with you, and testing and tasting everything that I haven’t had time to post. Well no longer. I have a special treat to help inspire you and get you in the mood for February 14th, Valentines Day. I will admit that I am actually not looking forward to Valentines Day, like all the rest of the single ladies out there, but I’m taking my lead from a true diva, Ms. Beyoncé Knowels and being single and fabulous. So all the single ladies throw your hands up and lets get cooking. And for those of you who are lucky and have a special someone, go out buy some nice candles, set a romantic table for two, and serve him or her up these delicious recipes of love.

The inspiration for this Valentines Day feast comes from one of my favorite operas, L’eliser d’amore ( The Elixir of Love). I thought to myself ,  the actual “Elixer of Love” in the story is a potion that makes the one whom your heart desires fall in love with you. So I came up with recipes featuring aphrodisiac foods in each dish. I never knew how many foods contained aphrodisiacs before and some took me by surprise , like bananas, who knew? There were tons of interesting ingredients for love and lust to choose from, hopefully you will enjoy the ones that I have chosen. So with out further ado I give you my top 6 elixirs of love.

1. Asparagus                                                                                                                                     2. Mussels


3. Garlic


                                                                                                        4. Red Wine


5. Figs




                                                                                                                   6. Chocolate



Be on the look out for the recipes that correspond to each one of the delicious ingredients.

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